• Tusk Titanium - Plain Blade

Tusk Titanium - Plain Blade


Tusk Titanium

The Tusk is both a state-of the art mariner’s tool and part of Spyderco’s
history. The original design dates back to the early days of Spyderco’s
beginning with Sal Glesser’s desire to produce a high performance mariner’s
tool. Made from all highly rust resistant materials, the Tusk features a blade
made from LC 200 N and full titanium scales including a Reeve Integral Lock.
The 300-series stainless steel marlinspike has round-to-square cross section
to loosen knots efficiently with a high strength Ball Bearing Lock TM made
with a ceramic ball bearing. Reversible Clip carry and lanyard hole give a
variety of carry options.

Handle: 106 mm
Blade: 60 mm
Blade Steel: LC 200 N
Weight: 119g
Grind: Hollow
Includes: Ambi/Tip-down clip