• Rig Bando - Blue

Rig Bando - Blue


Fabric: 100% Heavy duty 840 ballistic nylon.
Fluid Capacity: 2 litres
Weight: 0.9 kg
Bladder: 2 litres, quick-release valves for drinking tube and pressurisation tube
for easy refill and bladder removal, slide top for easy refill, cleaning and drying.
Zippers: Diagonal pack zipper and top horizontal zipper for easy access to
the hydration system.
Non-Removable waist strap
Shoulder Strap: Easy ride diagonal cross fit. Terraced overlay for
adjustable tube configuration and power bulb configuration. “Quick adjust”
pull tabs for easy in-and-out.
Additional Features: Plug & Play reservoir tube connectors, 5 x 7" / 12.7
x 17.8 cm internal mesh pocket, able to hold a 3 Litre engine if desired,
magnetic tube holder, adjustable (Velcro) power bulb holder, waffle mesh
padding covered with breathable mesh for the should straps and back plate,
adjustable chest strap (vertically and horizontally), emergency whistle
on the chest strap.

$233.50 $141.70