• Vitamins Energy - Ginger Lemonade Tube

Vitamins Energy - Ginger Lemonade Tube


nuun Vitamins is an effervescent, self dissolving tablet added to water consisting of eleven vitamins and minerals including vitamins A, C, and E for immune function and antioxidant support, B12 and folate for energy metabolism and minerals magnesium and calcium for muscle function and bone support. The nuun Vitamins range is made using all-natural ingredients, is low in sugar, certified gluten, soy & dairy free and is vegan friendly.

The Vitamins Energy tablets contain the same eleven vitamins and minerals plus optimal balance of electrolytes as the standard Vitamins tablets but with 40mg of caffeine sourced from green tea extract to give you an additional energy boost. 

No. tablets per tube: 12

Total Sugar (per tablet): 2g

Total Caffeine (per tablet): 40mg

Total Carbohydrates (per tablet): 3g

Total Calories: 10

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