• Manix2 XL G-10 Black - Plain Blade

Manix2 XL G-10 Black - Plain Blade


Manix2 XL G-10 Black - Plain Blade

The Manix2 XL is an oversized version of the Manix2 with a blade that is just under 100mm long.  The blade is locked open using Spyderco's patented Ball Bearing Lock. The lock is comprised of a free-floating steel ball-bearing encased in a high-tech polymer cage. When opened, the ball bearing moves forward onto the blade's ramp where it is wedged, locking the blade safely open.

The spherical shape of the ball rotates freely allowing the lock to self-adjust across a large surface, ensuring smooth and confident lock-up every time it is opened.  The blade is CPM S30V, ground full-flat and features jimping above the oversized 14mm Spyderco Round Hole. 

The liners inside the G-10 handle extend beyond the scales, creating a scalloped pattern around the handle's perimeter for additional grip.  This feature keeps the knife from slipping out in the hand and works well with gloves.  The liners serve a double purpose by adding rigidity and lightweight strength to the handle. A three-screw clip can be positioned ambidextrously, tip-up for comfort and pocket carry.  The knife also has a large lanyard pipe to protect various types of cords or thongs.

Handle: 129 mm

Blade: 98 mm

Blade Steel: CPM S30V

Weight: 147 g

Includes: Ambi tip-up clip